New album: The Ferryman

Updated the repertoire page with the latest additions: New album “The Ferryman” and “Farewell to the Rhondda” having been played on BBC Radio. So far without recordings to listen to or other details except for our new album’s cover. The title list and booklet are forthcoming!

English translation efforts cancelled

Right now, most parts of the web site are not translated and thus all but inaccessible to visitors from overseas. However, our translation efforts are currently stalled. It turns out that just having a static translation doesn’t work for us. We don’t change our site very often, but when we do, we don’t want to […]

New Atom Feed

We have a new way of keeping our friends and fans informed about new concerts and other changes to our group and our web site: This news feed will get a new entry added to it each time the web site’s content receives substantive changes. A feed is a web resource that you can subscribe […]