Web site software change

We will soon start using a new software tool on our web server to generate this news feed automatically from new concert announcements.

To date, this feed has been crafted manually to describe any changes to the web site. In future, new concert pages will be copied to this news feed verbatim. However, modifications to existing pages may not be reported in this news feed at all, unless somebody manually crafts a feed update, which I’m afraid is generally not very likely going forward.

Additionally, a side-effect of this change will be that English-language support on this site will cease. Please get in touch with us using the email address given found on the pages named “Kontakt” or “Impressum” if you need information in English. As a last resort, there is always the Google translation service, which you can use to help you to parse our web site.

Should you feel strongly about any of these changes, please be sure to let us know so we can reconsider our choices. Thanks for your help!